Aleksandr Kudelya

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), author of a number of books on the world’s grain market and strategic management.

A member of the Expert Council and head of Grain Export and Port Elevator Projects of the Afanasy Nikitin Association.

Dr. Kudelya was a major contributor to the implementation of new relations of the mid- and downstream players of the grain industry with agricultural producers in the process of Russia’s transition to the market economy. Federal and regional grain reserves were set up to ensure stable supply of grain products to the Russian public. The Grain Union was established to coordinate the actions of Russian grain market players.

Decorated with government awards—the order “Mark of Honour,” the medal “For Distinguished Labour,” the anniversary medal “200 Years of the Founding of the resort region of the Russian Federation the Caucasian Mineral Waters,” the commemorative medal “On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of M. A. Sholokhov,” etc.