On August 31, as part of the «City of Education», project leaders Kirill Molodyko, Madina Kalimullina and member of the Project Council, Mikhail Orlov, presented the Agrofinmost project to the participants of the AQDAR summit.

The guests of the summit were leading experts from the United Arab Emirates, a partner country of the Moscow International Forum. The delegation arrived in Moscow, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs of the country, Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Representatives of eight ministries took part in the events of the III AQDAR World Summit. All the events of the AQDAR summit were united by the main theme — «Global Empowerment of Communities: Experience and Lessons Learned». The summit traditionally attracts opinion leaders, leading experts and speakers from around the world.

Madina Kalimullina was the speaker of the session «Islamic finance: an influence that cannot be denied», talking about the role and resources of Islamic banking in Russia and describing the Agrofinmost project as the first serious attempt to facilitate sukuk (Sharia-compliant bonds) in her country. The speech by Kirill Molodyko in the discussion «Strategic partnership programs as a means of implementing projects» expanded the main idea of the project in detail. At the session «Mutual Investment Opportunities: Russia and the UAE», Mikhail Orlov spoke about the need to take into account the difference in mentality when starting and developing cooperation between the parties, since often mutual misunderstandings arise and differences in cultural contexts lead to the stalling of projects or their lack of being implemented at all.

In addition, representatives of Agrofinmost held a meeting with the Vice President and Managing Director of one of the largest investment holdings in the UAE, Mr. Abdullah Atatrech, who spoke about some of the subtleties of the sukuk market, in terms of attractiveness for the investor.

All III AQDAR World Summit events were divided into three key topics: «Empowering communities through education, culture and technology from a global perspective», «Empowering communities in the UAE to achieve global and national peace and security» and «a Community Empowerment Model for a prosperous and happier world». Ministers and leading experts in the field of education of the seven emirates, and representatives of educational institutions and government agencies that influence the development of advanced teaching practices shared their views on the urgent considerations that stand in the way of achieving this goal. These representatives included the Khalifa University of Science and Technology, the National Media Council, the Dubai City Health Department, the UAE Space Agency, the Federal Office for Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the UAE Lawyers and Advocates Association, the HEDAYA International Center and the Teacher Training Institute.