Dmitryi Medvedev chaired a meeting on ensuring sustainable development of agricultural sectors of the economy. The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation noted that the national economic sectors need to be modernized in accordance with changing climatic conditions.

Climate warming, on the one hand, contributes to the increasing number of areas suitable for agriculture in some regions of Russia, but on the other hand, it leads to the excessive drought in other regions.

"Average annual temperatures are rising in all regions of the country. It is clear that there are not only challenges and problems here, but also, probably, some positive moments. In principle, the number of areas suitable for agriculture in our country may increase, including more northern territories, he said. — Such agricultural crops like soybeans, corn, sunflower one can start already growing further to the north and east, where traditionally they didn’t grow. But there is also a downside: negative factors associated with increased aridity in the regions of North Caucasus, southern Siberia and Volga region. It happens from year to year, in addition to fires, aridity has a very significant impact on the development of the agro-industrial complex", — said Mr. Medvedev.

He emphasized that climate changes are "inevitable processes", and the national sectors of the economy, including agriculture, need to adapt to them. "It is a sensitive problem; 70% of the territory of our country is in the zone of the risky business of agriculture. Over the past 10 years, the number of natural hazards and damage from them has increased significantly. Warming in our country is approximately 2.5 times faster than in the world on average, especially in permafrost regions and in those places where such warming has not been observed before", — said Dmitryi Medvedev.

Source: TASS, News Agency