According to the Center for Grain Quality Assurance, the West-African countries turned out to become a promising market for the export of Russian grain via the Baltic ports.

In the season 2020/21, Russia supplied about 11.8 mln. tons of grain to that market. In the current season, it is planned to supply 11.1 mln. tons.

For example, Sudan actively purchases Russian wheat, while Russia offers a higher quality than Sudan’s request is. Russian suppliers exported 1 mln. tons of grain in Nigeria over the past agricultural year, the base quantity of which was wheat. During the same period, Ghana imported 300 thousand tons of Russian wheat.

Senegal is a promising market for the Russian grain export. For the season 2020/21, Russia exported 300 thousand tons to this republic.

Small volumes of wheat were exported to Libya and Tunisia (200 thousand tons for each).

The West-African countries have their own requirements for the quality of wheat, while Russian grain companies are ready to meet these requirements and export grain of the required quality. Thus, this direction of export provides great opportunities for expanding the sales markets for the Russian grain.

Source: National Agrarian Agency